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Our Story

Here is a story of how Pipe’ Dreams ® began: 

John Ness is an individual who turned his pipe dream of owning a winery into a reality. He is originally from Alberta and would take part in motorcycle tours through the Okanagan valley in the summers and skiing in the winters. Ness envisioned that he would someday make Oliver, B.C., his home.  

The dictionary definition of a pipe dream is a “hope, wish, or dream that is impossible to achieve or not practical.” It can also be an “illusory or fantastic plan, hope, or story.” This suggest that Ness’s plan for starting a new life and business in the Okanagan was a dream too inaccessible to become a reality. 

Ness accomplished his goal by first buying a small acreage and studying its soil in 2011. His studies found that the land was best suited to interesting rare grape varietals such as Kerner, Zweigelt, Gamay and Grüner Veltliner. This resulted in Ness opening a winery in 2014, becoming the founder and proprietor of Pipe’ Dreams ®. At the end of 2021, Ness handed his dream over to a local family – The Khangura’s – who had a similar pipe dream.  

Sukhminder and Karmjit Khangura came to Canada in the early 1990s. Upon arrival, they started to work at local vineyards. Gracefully over the years, they have purchased over 50 acres of farmland. After 25 years of farming, alongside their children Harsh and Joey, in 2005, they opened Rama Farm Market, one of the largest fruit markets in Oliver, B.C. After that, with the support of his parents, Harsh purchased Pipe’ Dreams ®, accomplishing his pipe dream and showcasing that it is a truism that dreams work when you do. 

Pipe’ Dreams ® represents the fulfillment of chances taken, working against the grain to achieve the impossible. We intend that the wines of Pipe’ Dreams ® offer an authentic expression of our land while inspiring people to challenge themselves to reach beyond their wildest imagination. 

Pipe’ Dreams ® Taste the lesser-known and raise a glass to your dreams. 

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